BA in Africana Studies



In the Bachelor of Arts in Africana Studies program, students delve into current issues and the historical context surrounding cultural theory and black studies. Classes encourage open discussions on topics including independence movements in Africa, race relations in the United States, Islamic philosophy, immigration and the American Dream. Many majors also choose to complement their class work with study abroad and internships.

Professor Randi Kristensen lectures in her Intro to Africana Studies class





Major Areas

Students choose electives from one of three primary areas. 


African American Studies

Classes in this area include Race and Minority Relations, Nineteenth Century Black Literature and African American History to 1865.


African Studies

Classes in this area include Anthropology of Africa, West Africa to Independence and Africans in the Making of the Atlantic World.


Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Studies

Classes in this area include Contemporary Francophone Literature and Latin America: Problems and Promise.


Course Requirements