Fall 2013 Course Listings

The following courses offered this Fall will fulfill requirements or electives for the major and minor. Please consult the schedule of classes for the most updated information.

American Studies
AMST 3361  African American History

ANTH 3708  Cultures of Africa

ENGL 1610  Introduction to Black American Literature
ENGL 3920  U.S. Latina/o Literature and Culture
ENGL 6130  Popular Music Cultures

FREN 3300  Youth Without Borders: Literature Culture and Sport (in English)
FREN 4600  Tradition and Modernity: Africa and Maghreb

GEOG 3143W  Urban Sustainability

HIST 2305W  Abraham Lincoln
HIST 2705W  Revolution and Resistance in Latin America
HIST 3361  African American History since 1865
HIST 3540  West Africa to Independence

PHIL 2125  Philosophy of Race and Gender

Political Science
PSC 2482  African International Politics

SOC 2151  Jackie Robinson: Race, Sports and the American Dream
SOC 2169W  Urban Sociology
SOC 2179  Race and Minority Relations

Women's Studies
WSGG 3481  Women in Islam