Lisa Page, Interim Director of Africana Studies, Assistant Professor of English

Avery Archer, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Eric Arnesen, Professor of American Labor History

Jameta Barlow, Assistant Professor, University Writing

Nemata Blyden, Associate Professor of History and International Affairs

Fran Buntman, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Yvonne Captain, Associate Professor of Latin American Literature and International Affairs

Erin D. Chapman, Assistant Professor of History

Thomas A. Guglielmo, Associate Professor, American Studies

Nicole Ivy, visiting scholar, American Studies

Jennifer James, Associate Professor, English

Antwan Jones, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Loren Kajikawa, Associate Professor in Music History and Ethnomusicology

Kathryn Kleppinger, Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies

Randi Kristensen, Assistant Professor of Writing, The University Writing Program

Jessica Krug, Assistant Professor of History and Africana Studies

Antonio Lopez, Assistant Professor of English

Kip Lornell, Adjunct Professor of Music

Stephen Lubkemann, Associate Professor of Anthropology and International Affairs

Xolela Mangcu, Professor of Sociology

Gordon Mantler, Assistant Professor, University Writing

Corrine McConnaughy, Associate Professor of Political Science

Daniel Moshenberg, Associate Professor of English

Amber Jamilla Musser, Associate Professor, American Studies

Suleiman Osman, Assistant Professor of American Studies

Gregory D. Squires, Professor of Sociology and Public Policy and Public Administration

Phillip Troutman, Assistant Professor, University Writing

Cheryl W. Thompson, Associate Professor, School of Media and Public Affairs

Gayle Wald, Chair, Department of American Studies; Professor of English

Gail Weiss, Professor of Philosophy; Professor of Human Sciences

Michael Wenger, Adjunct Professor of Sociology

Vanessa Wills, Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Andrew Zimmerman, Associate Professor of History and International Affairs

Abdourahman Waberi, Visiting Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies